D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o., from Zaton near Nin, Zadar, OIB: ___________ (herein is: D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o.) in its business collects and processes personal data of its customers and service users (hereinther: data subject/s) and takes measures to make the processing of personal data legal, fair and transparent.

In this sense, D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. may have the role of controller and/or processor with this Statement, and we would like to inform you, our customers and service users about the processing of your personal data, what data D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. collects and how it is used.

You will also find out what your data processing rights are and how you can exercise them.


1.1.Identityandcontactinformation:D. S. NAUTICAj.d.o.o.,ZatonnearNin,Promenadeof Prince Branimir24,OIB: ___________,RepublicofCroatia,www.dsc-nautica.com.

1.2. Contact details of the data protection officer: e-mail: dscnautica4me@gmail.com.


2.1.D. S. NAUTICAj.d.o.o.collects personal data directly from youwhenconcluding and executing mutual contracts, as well as in the actions that precede the conclusion ofthecontract(offers,inquiries,reservations,requests in the context of ordering products or services,sending inquiries or requests related to our productsorservices), or on the basis of your consent,throughtheD. S. NAUTICA website, as well as indirectly when you want to buy and/or use our services and/or use them through intermediaries oragencies,or when you exercise the right or use our services as part of the business cooperation wehavewith our businesspartners,oronthebasisofotherlawfulbasis.Furthermore,wealso collect personal data when you make it available to us e. g. in the context of registering as a member of our assistance services or a user of other services, by filling out the forms or sending electrical mail, and insimilarsituationsin youhavechosentoprovideuswiththeinformation.


When you wish to enter into a contract with D. S. NAUTICA, make a request for an offer, request the reservation of services and goods ofD. S. NAUTICA andin any case when entering into a contractualorbusinessrelationshipwithD. S. NAUTICA we willneedyour personal information to provide you with the service or to enable you touseour products or services inaccordancewithyourrequestortorespondtoyourrequest.Whenplacingyourrequestforservicesorproductsorwhen entering into a contractual relationshipwithD. S. NAUTICAj.d.o.o.,you will be familiar with the type and quantity of data you are obliged to provide to us for the purpose of fulfillingyourrequestorconcludingand executing thecontract(thepersonaldatawe collect forthepurposese-page of this point may include your name and surname, PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, company or organization name,address,telephone,e-mail address, driver’s license information,yourcarddetailsandotherinformationasneededby the specificcontractualrelationship).


You can browse and use our website (https://www.dsc-nautica.com/ etc.) anonymously because on this occasion no data is collected that would enable your identification as an individual, and you are not obliged to provide us with your personal data as a condition of using the site. When you use our website, we may store data for various security reasons. Such information may include the name of your INTERNET service provider, the website through which you have connected to our site, the websites you have visited from our site, and your IP address. This information could lead to your identification, but we don’t use it for that. From time to time we use this data for statistical purposes, but at the same time we ensure the anonymization of each user, so that person cannot be identified. By entering personal data on the designated fields on the Website, you confirm that you have voluntarily made your personal data available and that you allow it to be used for the purpose for which the data was provided.


  1. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. may also ask you for the consent to process your data for purposes other than its ultimate purpose condition for the performance of the contract nor the legal obligation of D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. or is not necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract or is not in your legitimate interest (e. g. for the purpose of marketing activities, offer new products and services, etc.). You are not obliged to give your consent for such processing, but you are free to give it, and you can withdraw it at any time if you have given it. The consent request must be provided to you in such a way that it can be clearly discerned from other issues, in an understandable and easily accessible form using clear and simple language.


  1. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. as a legal person is subject to legal and legal obligations, in which the obligation to process data may also be prescribed for the purpose of fulfilling the legal and legal obligations of D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. in this case performs its obligation to process your data on the basis of these legal and legal regulations.

3.1.Weprocess and use yourdatafor the purposes for which itwascollected,aswellas to enforce the legal or legal obligations ofD. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o.,e. g.:

  1. a)Forthepurposeofexecutingthecontractinwhichyouare a party and inorderto take action at your request before concluding thecontract(e. g.bookingandrenting a vehicle,);
  2. b)Forthepurposeforwhichyouhave given your consent(e. g. for the purposeof providing newservicesorproducts;testingsatisfactionwithservices,);
  3. c) If processing is necessary in order to comply with the legal and legal obligations of S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. (e. g. conducting accounting tasks, submitting your data to the competent authority if the vehicle you used was committed an infringement, etc.);
  4. d)Ifprocessingisnecessarytoprotectyourkey

4.1. The data we have collected from you and about you remains in the D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. databases. Your information may be provided to third parties:

  1. a)wherethisisourobligationunderthelaworinresponsetolegalproceedings or at the request of the competent lawenforcementinstitutions in relation tomisdemeanor,criminalorjudicialproceedings;
  2. b)toprotectourrights,privacy,securityorproperty, and thepublic;
  3. c)foradministrativeortechnicalsupport(e. g. our accountingcontractors)or other business purposes to facilitate transactions with you (e. g. for hire through one of our partners, to provide assistance/assistancethrough our partners,);
  4. d)toanalyzeourdata,conductmobileanalyticalservicesormaintainandimproveourservices(subjecttoconfidentialityagreements,ifappropriate);
  5. e)toseekappropriateremediesandtolimitthedamagethatmaybecausedtous;
  6. f)toenforcethetermsofanycontractorbusinessrelationshipwithyouorourtermsandconditionsofthewebsite;
  7. g)toprocessatransactionwithoursubsidiariesorintermediariesandagenciesthroughwhichyouhavecontractedour services
  8. h)inothercaseswithyour

4.2.Personaldatamaybetransferredto another legal entity in the event oftransfer, change ofownership,reorganizationor merger of a company or part of D. S. NAUTICAj.d.o.o. or itsassetstoanothercompany.

4.3. We may disclose your personal information to third parties to service providers (such as a payment processing service provider for the purpose of collecting goods and services, an email provider who will send you email notifications or customer service sub-processors on our behalf). These service providers may be located in a country that is different from your home country, such as the United States or a Member State of the European Union. These service providers are contractually obliged to maintain the confidentiality and security of your data. However, your data may be available to government authorities in accordance with applicable laws.

4.4. In cases of sharing data with third parties, D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. will prohibit these parties from using your personal data for purposes other than agreed and will oblige the business partner to maintain the confidentiality of personal data.


5.1.Theperiod of storage and storageof your data depends on the type/category of data, the purpose for which the same days or have been collected by the laws or legal obligations to which D. S. NAUTICAj.d.o.o.issubject.Wekeeppersonaldataforas long as required by laworas long as necessary for the requested service to be provided or for the service or purpose for which you have given your consent to be performed, unless otherwise required by law (e. g. in connection with pending legalproceedings).

5.2.Datarelatingto the legal and legal obligations ofD. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. are stored for the period prescribed by the applicable laws–e. g. the obligation and period of keeping invoices and bookkeeping documents(onwhichyourdata are located) is prescribedbytheAccountingAct.

5.3. Data for which laws or other regulations do not stipulate a storage period shall be stored for a reasonable period of time taking into account the category of data and the purpose for which it was collected. The data collected for a specific purpose will only be used for this purpose and will no longer be actively stored after the end of a reasonable period of time and once this purpose has been fulfilled. Anonymized data may continue to be used for statistical and marketing purposes, archiving purposes and other analytical purposes. When providing this information, you will be familiar with the storage period or the criteria by which the time limit for the storage of this data is determined.


6.1.Inrelationto all your personal data stored with us,you have the right:

(1) to access personal data,

(2) to correct or supplement the data or

(3) to delete or

(4) restrict processing and

(5) the right to object to the processing and portability of data and has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory course regarding the processing of personal data (Personal Data Protection Agency) all in accordancewith applicable dataprotectionregulations.Iftheprocessingisbasedonconsent,youhavetherighttowithdrawsuch consent atanytime,with effect fromthedateof withdrawal oftheconsent.

6.2. You can place the request for the exercise of your rights e. d. a. from the previous point on the contact details of the personal data protection officers listed above. In your request, you must provide the necessary information about yourself and in order to respond to your request.


7.1. When you require D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o. to provide services, make a request, ask for an offer, make a specific complaint regarding the contract or its execution, it is necessary that you provide us with your personal data necessary for your identification as a user of our services and finally for the conclusion and execution of the contract, for solutions to your request or complaint. Therefore, in these situations, the provision of your personal data is a legal and contractual obligation necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract, for the resolution of your request or complaint.


8.1. With D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o., automated decision-making is not applied or your profile is created.


The website www.dsc-nautica.com protects your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Data on computer servers is stored in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.


IN ZADAR, ______________________

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D. S. NAUTICA j.d.o.o.                                                                PERSONAL DATA PROVIDER

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